The Things We Lost – Brechin Town House Museum

My latest exhibition; ‘The Things We Lost’ is now open for public view at Brechin Town House Museum and is on display until the 13th of October. “The Things We Lost 1 September to 13 October 2018 ‘The Things we Lost’ was inspired by Josh Moir’s diagnosis with leukaemia and the challenges he faced living…

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On Time

I took the same tablets every day for eight months, and I was religious with them. I always took the correct doses at the right time. I used the special medical grade mouthwash the hospital gave me to stop me getting mucositis five times a day like I was supposed to. I even made sure…

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On Life Lines

I remember the day I first started Chemotherapy. Thankfully not like it was yesterday, but I remember it all the same. It all started with possibly the most painful part of my diagnosis up until that point. I had to get a Hickman Line fitted. For those of you who aren’t up to date with your…

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On Hospitalisation

Being diagnosed with cancer changed my life. I mean, it’s impossible to think that it’s not going to. My diagnosis is probably as dramatic as a cancer diagnosis is possible to be. Let me set the scene.

On Bad News

I have cancer. Leukaemia to be specific, and Acute Myeloid Leukaemia to be even more specific. I registered this blog name during a strange emotional high on my second morning of chemotherapy, after a week in hospital connected to drips full of red blood cells, platelets, fluids and antibiotics, intrigued by the new plastic tube…

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