Josh Moir

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  • #BeastieAry –

    So this October I had big plans. While many get excited at the prospect of the depths of winter, and the celebrations of Christmas, I am much more an autumnal spirit. The nights drawing in, and the chill in the air make me much more comfortable than the biting cold of Scottish Winter. October is […]

  • Dundee – A Story about a Beautiful Baby and some Windows

    My immediate family have lived in Dundee for as long as we can remember. Sure there are some of us who have moved away and others who moved here from other places, (my Mum is technically Glaswegian by birth) but we have all grown up in Dundee, and are as closely tied to the recent […]

  • How Shielding has effected my Art Practice

    If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you’ll no doubt have seen me both complain and compliment the Scottish Government’s Shielding protocol for people at the highest risk of complications from COVID-19. No leaving the house, no visitors, and no interaction within 2 metres with the people I live with. I […]