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Well, isn’t this fun? Thinking about Christmas Cards while the whole world burns around us, (literally as well, it was 20 degrees in London last month), energy bills are skyrocketing, food prices are through the roof and reports are coming in that the Bank of England have just raised interest rates to 3%, adding money onto people’s loans and mortgages.

It’s hard being an artist at the best of times, (I know, boo-hoo) but it’s even harder to be an artist while the community you have lived in all your life is literally and figuratively burning down around your ears. I sometimes feel like the living embodiment of the “This is Fine” dog.

This Is Fine by KC Green

To anyone looking to buy Christmas Cards, i’ll still have some for sale this year. I need to stock-take before they go up for sale online, but they’ll be going up for sale today (7th November 2022), and I’ll also be taking orders in person and through Social Media.

This year however, I’ll also be doing something a little bit different.

I’m releasing Print@Home versions of the last two years Christmas Cards on my online store, for people to pay what they want.

The cards have been re-jigged so that they’ll print on A4 paper, with a handy fold line drawn into them, meaning that anyone should be able to print them as long as they have access to a printer. After folding them in half they’ll also fit into C5 envelopes.

I can’t help you on the envelope front, but you can pick up packs of C5 envelopes relatively cheaply. In some cases less than what you would spend on a pack of nice Christmas Cards.

There is a free version listed on the website – available here, as well as a Pay What You Want Version listed here for people who would like to throw a couple of quid my way.

Due to the limitations of my online store, I’ve had to list them twice. The free cards will let you check out for free, and will provide you a link right away to download the cards.

If you do want to pay something for them, then you’ll have to select the Paid version, and change the quantity ordered to the amount you would like to pay. I know it’s not ideal, but there was no other way I could feasibly do it without signing up to Gumroad, and with their dodgy approach to NFTs I’m still not convinced that’s something I’m up for.

My usual ways of accepting tips from people are still there too if you want to throw some money my way to help me out. I’ll include the links at the bottom of the page.

On a more general note; I really hope people are staying OK this Festive Period. Living in the UK seems to be a specific kind of hell at this minute in time, and I know that while we’re showing our whole ass, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to have it much easier at the minute.

If you want to send me something to help me keep making work it’s always incredibly appreciated, but please only do it if you can afford it.

You can support me with a one-off tip on my Kofi here,

Or through Paypal here.

Or if you are interested in supporting me for a longer term, I also have a Patreon where you can support me on a rolling monthly basis. You can find that here. I have different tiers with different awards, and Patrons always get a first look at what I’m working on, as well as offers and discounts when buying things through my shop. Just this month alone I’ve recorded a sketchbook tour video exclusively for my Patrons. I posted a sneak peak of it to my twitter and TikTok


A quick flick through my 2019/2020 sketchbook. The full video, along with my blethering, is available for subscribers on my Patreon. #sketchbook #sketchbooktour #art #artistsoftiktok #drawing #sketching #scottishart #scottishartist

♬ Calm LoFi song(882353) – S_R

And if you can’t support financially, please do not despair. Sharing links to my work is helpful, especially when you’re at the whim of the algorithms. I’ll be posting about my cards on all my social media later in the week, so you can share those. It’s a nice way to help me out, that thankfully doesn’t cost you anything, at least until Elon starts charging for twitter by the retweet…

I shouldn’t even joke about that…

Shop Links

Physical Cards: Christmas Cards

Print at home (FREE): Print@Home Pack Free

Print at home (PAID): Print@Home Pack Paid (please remember to set the quantity to the amount in GBP you’re willing to pay for them)

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