On Bad News

I have cancer. Leukaemia to be specific, and Acute Myeloid Leukaemia to be even more specific. I registered this blog name during a strange emotional high on my second morning of chemotherapy, after a week in hospital connected to drips full of red blood cells, platelets, fluids and antibiotics, intrigued by the new plastic tube running from my heart, through the skin and sitting just six inches above my right nipple. Continue reading “On Bad News”

The Best Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

And so, with January here again it becomes time to think about New Year’s Resolutions. They have come under fire over the last couple of years, with a fair few detractors asking why we make resolutions which last into February if we are lucky, and barely get started if we are one of the willpower deprived. Recent research suggests that somewhere around 88% of people who make resolutions fail.  So why then bother making them at all?

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5 gift ideas for the creative in your life

Creative people are notoriously difficult to buy for. Too many years have I smiled through opening pack after pack of drawing pencils and paintbrushes because people had no other idea of what to get for me. I’ll admit it, i’m difficult to buy for, the usual staple gifts won’t do much to tickle my fancy, so instead I present to you my five picks to get the creative in your life. I guarantee they’ll thank you for it.

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10 rules to survive moving back home

I know the feeling all too well. You finish University, strangely enjoy wearing the crazy gown they shove you in, say goodbye to the best friends you’ve made over the last few years and then move back in with your parents. It’s a move that a shocking 45%-53% (depending on what statistic you read) of graduates are making and one that is understandably difficult on both the graduates and the parents lovingly welcoming them back into the familial fold. Continue reading “10 rules to survive moving back home”

T.V. Trouble


Me and television have a bit of a difficult relationship. When people ask me over ‘watercooler conversation’ if i’ve seen the latest 3 part crime drama to grace ITV’s evening schedule my answer is generally that “I don’t watch a lot of T.V.”.

This is, however, a bit of a lie. I watch a lot of T.V. Just not while it’s actually airing. I love a box-set. This is down to two critically important points.

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5 TED Talks you really need to watch

Amanda Palmer talks at TED

I first heard about TED talks when I was a fledgling art student. When I was first accepted into the Fine Art Specialism I remember going up to a very alien lecture theatre I had never been to before and being told by the thoroughly intimidating tutor that he was expecting us all to complete projects over the summer before we started about a talk on TED.com that we felt particularly spoke to us.

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The Year of Living

The last 18 months have been tough going for the people living in the Moir household. With me moving back home after finishing University, ridiculous health scare after health scare and languishing in the job which causes approximately 95% of the hardship in my life (No, seriously, a man threatened to ‘knock me out’ last week) I finished 2012 at a bit of a low ebb. Continue reading “The Year of Living”