Dundee – A Story about a Beautiful Baby and some Windows

My immediate family have lived in Dundee for as long as we can remember. Sure there are some of us who have moved away and others who moved here from other places, (my Mum is technically Glaswegian by birth) but we have all grown up in Dundee, and are as closely tied to the recent… Continue reading Dundee – A Story about a Beautiful Baby and some Windows

How Shielding has effected my Art Practice

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you’ll no doubt have seen me both complain and compliment the Scottish Government’s Shielding protocol for people at the highest risk of complications from COVID-19. No leaving the house, no visitors, and no interaction within 2 metres with the people I live with. I… Continue reading How Shielding has effected my Art Practice

Remembering Kenneth Roy

The first time I spoke to Kenneth Roy, interestingly the topic of conversation was Cancer. I was an attendee at the Young Programme, held in the beautiful Piersland House Hotel in Troon. After I had checked into my room and collected the itinerary I was filled with an immediate sense of regret. I decided I… Continue reading Remembering Kenneth Roy

On Time

I took the same tablets every day for eight months, and I was religious with them. I always took the correct doses at the right time. I used the special medical grade mouthwash the hospital gave me to stop me getting mucositis five times a day like I was supposed to. I even made sure… Continue reading On Time

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