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In a time of global uncertainty, we are all looking to make sense of the dizzying new reality we find ourselves in. I’ve always used my art to connect with the world, to try and turn the Delphic confusions of life into something tangible. Now more than ever we are turning to technology to help us keep connected while we stay apart, so I’ve decided to launch a platform where I can reach out to online communities and sell my art.

COVID-19 will have far-reaching effects on individuals, businesses and communities and we all have a responsibility to shop sustainably and responsibly. In buying from this store, or spreading the word online, you are supporting grassroots-level art and local industry.

There is also a charity print on the store, with the proceeds going to the COVID-19 relief fund in an attempt to help people who are struggling more directly with the effects of this virus.

UNNECESSARY JOURNEYS – COVID-19 Relief Fund Charity Print

You can also find variations of the prints which were part of The Things We Lost, the solo exhibition I had which dealt with my experiences being a young person with cancer.

In the future, as well as selling prints, I’ll be selling original artworks through the store, so keep your eyes peeled, or sign up to the mailing list to hear about exclusive opportunities there.

I am also launching my ko-fi page as well, where you can make a single contribution instead of buying a print. As I get to grips with the new platform I’ll hopefully be using it to build a better source of community with you all. I’ve already began posting drawings based on the things I’ve been watching and playing while I’m locked down.

You can donate to my Ko-fi page here

I’m looking forward to this new chapter, and hope that you’ll follow along and support me along the way.

Josh x

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